Intel announced 8th gen processor lineup

Intel’s added 11 laptop processors and 9 desktop processors along with its new H370, H310 and B360 chipsets to its portfolio. The 8th gen processor lineup features a 14nm++ process node.

Intel has even more suffixes than the ones mentioned here.

No Suffix – normal desktop-class processors without overclocking.

T-series – 35W desktop processors, which are low-cost chips.

K-series – are overclockable desktop processors, aimed towards high end users.

U-series – are low power processors generally in the 15W TDP, available in normal and thin and light laptops.

H-series – gaming-oriented processors meant for laptops and have a base TDP of 45W.

HK-series – are generally overclockable chips powerful enough to be desktop replacements.

M-series –  new 8th gen Intel Xeon processors are likely to be meant for commercial markets only.

G-series – These are the hybrids with an Intel processor and AMD Radeon Vega GPU to form the complete chip.




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