Wipe data securely using red key

Currently data erase usually delete memory table records but data is still there and if someone tries to recover data he will get most of data on disk.

How to prevent it?

Use secure erase tool which will replace your data with

  • Either by 0 or 1
  • by using algorithms which randomize the data

Redkey USB: Computer Data Wipe Tool

The Redkey uses a special process to wipe your computers hard drive in a way that is much more secure than just “deleting” or “resetting.” The Redkey is a heavy-duty, purpose-built wipe solution for when you need to be 100% certain the job is done properly. 

How does it work?

Simply plug your Redkey into a spare USB port on the computer to be wiped, then switch on the power. Its designed to work automatically, and once loaded – no further interaction is required.Now you can wipe all of your old computers – effortlessly! Your computer will start to wipe after 60 seconds and after an hour or more, the wipe process is completed.

How much does it cost?

33 pounds, it pay once i.e it doesnt expire


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